Napier Grass Sangram Rauta September 12, 2023

Napier Grass

Napier Grass is highly suitable for biogas production due to its rapid growth, high biomass yield, and favorable biochemical composition. Its rich cellulose and hemicellulose content makes it a valuable substrate for anaerobic digestion, resulting in quality methane production.

Given the growing importance and use of Napier Grass in the biogas industry, we at Arka BRENStech provide guidance on its propagation and cultivation techniques in addition to offering water and nutrient management to ensure healthy growth.

Napier Grass can be harvested multiple times a year, depending on climate conditions and management practices. Our team of experts offer advice on the frequency of and appropriate height of cutting to maintain plant health and maximize biomass yield.

It is also crucial that Napier Grass is stored properly to preserve its quality for biogas production. Techniques such as ensiling, sun drying, or compacting into bales are shared with biogas producers to ensure the availability of Napier Grass throughout the year.

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