ESG Sangram Rauta September 12, 2023
Environmental, Social, Governance

As experts in the Indian biogas industry, Arka BRENStech exemplifies ESG principles by creating a cleaner environment (E), fostering local employment (S), and adhering to specific regulatory norms (G). We actively work with businesses to enhance environmental compliance, reduce carbon footprints, and achieve energy efficiency by installing efficient biogas plants. At Arka BRENStech, we do our bit to contribute to the circular economy by efficiently utilizing resources, reducing waste, and producing clean energy through anaerobic digestion of agricultural, municipal, and industrial waste. In doing so, we promote sustainable processing of waste and help curb carbon emissions. Our efforts also go a long way to improve soil health, and preserve water resources. Moreover, biogas offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional energy sources and empowers communities by generating income, improving sanitation, and promoting organic farming through biofertilizer

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