Energy-BoxX Sangram Rauta September 20, 2023


According to the 2023 State of India’s Environment report, the country generates around 150,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste every day causing overflowing landfills, dangerous emissions, and poisonous leachate. This hazardous situation needs to be resolved urgently.

Our Energy-BoxX offers a quick and easy solution that ensures that waste is disposed in an environmentally safe way. We have partnered with Indian Green Services, an NGO, that provides trained professionals to collect and segregate waste into bio-degradable and non-biodegradable sections This organic waste is reduced in size using grinders and crushers after being mixed with water or recycled slurry.

The organic substrate that is created is then transferred to tanks and thereon to pre-digestors via progressive cavity pumps. It takes roughly two days for hydrolysis to occur in the pre-digestor. The anaerobic process takes place in the main digestor which has set heating and mixing capabilities. The end result is the generation of biogas and bio-fertilizers. The biogas is stored in specially created biogas balloons that are placed on top of the Energy BoxX containers while the bio-fertilizers can be used for agricultural purposes.

The biogas generated by the Energy BoxX is then distributed through a service grid to highly monitored systems to ensure consistent supply and reliability. The Energy BoxX is indigenously developed in India and offers an efficient and scientific solution to the mounting problem of waste disposal in our country.

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