Consultancy Sangram Rauta September 12, 2023


Experts from Arka BRENStech provide consultancy services on different aspects of biogas production. From project planning and design, to securing necessary permits for biogas projects, our team offers advice on the selection of the most suitable biogas production technologies. Our inputs are based on project goals, feedstock availability, and specified budgets.

We undertake financial modelling and risk assessments on request to determine the financial viability of a biogas project, including cost-benefit analyses and return on investments. Our experts undertake comprehensive biogas plant audits to ensure that all technical and operational parameters are being met and maintained consistently.

Our clients also benefit from our project management services that includes overseeing the construction and implementation of biogas plants, and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. We not only undertake specialized training for facility operators in biogas plant operation to ensure complete safety, and efficiency but also offer our help with trouble-shooting and optimizing operations.

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