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Ensuring efficiency of your Anaerobic Digester

Arka BRENStech offers customized “Microbial Cultures & Enzymes” to treat various organic wastes including vegetable wastes, rice straw, cow manure, and other agricultural wastes anaerobically to ensure no scum formation and high rate biomethanation happening inside the digester.
These are non-toxic & environmentally safe products. More than 30 different types of proteins are estimated to be present in the enzyme solution. Offered products are water soluble with a dilution ration of 1:1000. And recommended dosage upon stabilisation shall be minimal. Some of the salient impact upon addition of the culture to biogas plant shall feature: Improvement in biodegradation efficiency leading to better COD & BOD removal

1. Reduce the recalcitrant COD content,
2. Facilitates breaking down of harder to degrade components.
3. Aids depigmentation in case of colouration is contributed by refractory chemicals,
4. Minimises scum formation due to faster hydrolysis
5. Increases the overall efficiency of digestion,
6. Increases stirring efficiency,
7. Improves pumpability,
8. Increased usage of cost-efficient input materials,
9. Improves the process stability,
10. Reduced downtime leading to higher profitability,
11. Reduction in sludge formation, and
12. Solubilisation of hard scum.

The products are specifically designed for organic waste treatment through Anaerobic Digestion (AD). The offered solution works by breaking down complex molecules faster and releasing more of the stored energy in form of biogas from the concerned biomass/feedstock. thus, resulting harnessing more energy from the same amount of Biomass/organic waste of on field application of our products show significant improvement in efficiency of a typical biogas plant by increasing the biogas yield upto 15%.

⦁ Biogas plants (with any organic feedstock)
⦁ Municipal Solid waste (Organic) fermentation plants
⦁ Wastewater treatment plants
⦁ Anaerobic industrial wastewater plants
⦁ External biological desulphurization columns
Offered Product
Arkalture: – Helps in improving and sustaining the population of favourable microorganism in the digester.
Brenzyme: Helps the microorganism to break the biomass into simple molecules.
Arka Gas Enhancer: Improves digester’s stability and the biogas yield thus augmenting overall plant performance.


A glimpse of Arkalture and Brenzyme effect on scum in digester

A glimpse of Arkalture and Brenzyme effect on scum in digester
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