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The Leadership Team
A seasoned professional with a proven track record in the renewables and environmental sector, Srinivas has over two decades of experience in areas such as waste management, sustainable development, energy solutions, sustainability practices, and Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM). He holds a Master's degree from Mumbai University in Environmental Science with a specialization in Ecology.
Mr. Srinivas Kasulla
Chief Executive Officer
As an engineering leader with a Professional Engineer certification (PE), Ramesh has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing specialized equipment that includes pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and storage tanks for use across industries such as power, oil & gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals food and even food production.
Mr. Ramesh Tiwari
Chief Innovation Officer
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With over 14 years of experience, Anjani has installed and commissioned more than 80 biogas plants in different part of India. He also supervised the establishment of the prestigious Biogas Project at the Parliament building and is credited with actively leading Bio-CNG projects that contribute to economic and operational sustainability at minimal costs.
Mr. Anjani Yadav
Head of Design and Engineering
He is an M. E in Environmental Engineering, an alumnus of Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh, PGD (Health, Safety, and Environment), B.Tech in Biotechnology. He has more than 12 years of experience in Environmental Engineering; out of that 8 years of hands-on experience in Biomass, climate change, crop residue management & Biogas. He has extensive work experience with an organization like World Bank, NAFCC, NABARD, GIZ, etc.
Mr. Gaurav Kathpal
Head of Service
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Akhil has over 13 years of direct experience in gas plant manufacturing, solar plant manufacturing, and telematics. Adept at building and developing strong leadership teams, Akhil has excellent negotiation and communication skills. He also has hands-on experience in vendor identification, developing sourcing strategies, and undertaking analytical assessment to strengthen supply chain effectiveness.
Mr. Akhil Tomer
Head of Business Development
With a high level of expertise in the efficient management and optimization of waste treatment processes, Malik has been operating and managing plants that use various technologies for anaerobic digestion of both solid and liquid waste. His work in the area has led him to develop specialized skills in handling a wide range of feedstocks, including spent wash, press mud, cow and buffalo dung, food waste, chicken litter, vegetable waste, Napier grass and more.
Mr. S. J. Malik
Head of Projects
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With several years of experience in auditing, financial analysis, and compliance, Amir excels in providing financial guidance to businesses. He not only provides help with navigating regulatory challenges but also works towards delivering relevant financial solutions to businesses.
CA Amir Jain
Senior Finance Consultant
As a Senior Legal Consultant and Advocate on Record at the Supreme Court of India, Deepak possesses a distinguished career marked by a profound understanding of India's legal landscape. He offers expert legal counsel and strategic guidance to businesses.
Mr. Deepak Agrawal
Senior Legal Consultant
With over 15 years in the biogas industry, he has extensive experience in developing biogas plants and enhancing electromechanical aspects. He specializes in gas-tight covers and has published several articles on roofing performance. He aims to enhance gas-tight membrane performance for increased durability.
Mr. Ivan Roma
Chief Executive Officer - Biocover s.r.l (International Partner)
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