EPC Sangram Rauta September 12, 2023

Engineering Procurement and Construction

Experts at Arka BRENStech offer EPC services that cover all aspects of setting up a biogas plant – from concept to commissioning. This is critical to ensuring that biogas facilities are efficiently designed, constructed, and ready for operation. Our teams provide:

Engineering expertise

Critical insights from experienced engineers on biogas plant design based on comprehensive feasibility studies. Care is taken to ensure that the design is customized to meet each client’s specific requirement while focusing on cost-effectiveness. Clients benefit from reduced project costs and increased return on investment.

Procurement management

Our team assists with sourcing and procuring all necessary components and equipment for the biogas plant. This involves selecting high-quality materials and establishing partnerships with reliable suppliers to ensure the project's success.

Overseeing Construction

We offer support with construction, and supervise contractors to ensure that projects adhere to set timelines and budgets. Our team of experts ensure that all security protocols are followed during the construction process. This includes the incorporation of gas upgrading and purification systems for biomethane production.

Regulatory compliance

Our experts help with navigating complex regulatory landscapes, obtaining necessary permits, and ensuring compliance with environmental and safety standards. This reduces project delays and legal complications.

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