A quantum jump towards sustainability

Bio-CNG is produced through L-PSA technology, which is primarily based on VPSA. The system is uniquely combined with Energizer to ensure minimum energy while increasing the methane removal efficiency with minimal loss. It can further be compressed to compare with compressed natural gas (CNG) and thereafter be utilized in vehicles. Our innovative system is operating successfully, running several small fleets on biogas produced from landfill gas, wastewater treatment plant digesters, and food waste/manure – at a fraction of the cost of gasoline! While the standard Bio-CNG unit sizes use 50, 100 and 200 scfm, systems can process 20 to 2000 scfm of biogas to produce 100 to 10,000 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) of BioCNG per day. The fuel can be used directly or mixed with natural gas to produce a blended vehicle fuel. The modular Bio-CNG system can easily be expanded to respond to increased gas production.After cleaning and conditioning, Bio-CNG fuel meets respective BIS standard and engine manufacturers’ fuel specifications and can be used without modification in the same engines as natural gas-CNG.


Our LPSA system operation and maintenance (production) costs are about 25 percent of the price of conventional gasoline or diesel and other comparable upgradation technologies.

In addition to designing the plant, BRENStech can help you through permitting and installation. Our services include:
⦁ Preparing a pro forma financial statement.
⦁ Permitting of a plant at your landfill, waste water treatment plant, anaerobic digester, or other biogas site.
⦁ Construction management of the plant.
⦁ Training, so your personnel can operate the plant safely and efficiently.

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