BPC Instruments (formerly Bioprocess Control)

Better research & business is a result of having smart instruments that use less resources. You can analyse more samples, more often and more professionally – all while reducing the time consumption and labour requirement for performing analysis and being less skill dependent for precise and accurate data.
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Market-leading analytical tool for anaerobic batch fermentation testing

AMPTS is the analytical tool preferred by scientists and engineers for conducting anaerobic batch fermentation tests. The latest generation of AMPTS comes in two models (AMPTS III and AMPTS III Light) that house 18 or 9 test vials, respectively. AMPTS III automates and simplifies a wide range of testing, including biochemical methane potential (BMP) tests, biogas potential, anaerobic biodegradability studies, specific methanogenic activity (SMA) assays, and residual gas potential (RGP) analyses on digested slurry. With either AMPTS III model, sampling, analysis, recording and report generation are fully integrated to offer users a seamless testing experience.



  • Web-based. User friendly web-based software running on an embedded server. No need for software installation on PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Remote access. AMPTS can be accessed remotely and locally from any device with a web browser
  • Automatic real-time pressure, temperature and moisture compensation
  • Calibration free
  • Multiplexing potential. Possibility of multiplexing allows for simultaneous batch analysis at different start-up times
  • Easy maintenance.Modular design means most parts can easily be exchanged
  • Local data storage.Data stored on the local instrument means no dependence on external computer
  • Easy processing. Data exported as a spreadsheet for further analysis with uniform time axis for easy data processing
  • High data storage capacity.7200 l of gas per channel
  • Real-time measurements. Measure several gas types, including biogas, in real time
  • Gas composition estimates. Connect in series to get real time estimates of gas composition
  • Effective agitation. Proven strong, reliable, multifunctional agitation
  • Outputs in various time intervals. Generates outputs ranging from a datapoint every minute to one every day





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Gas Endeavour®


 analytical platform for biodegradability, digestibility and respirometry analysis


Gas Endeavour® is designed to accurately and precisely measure low gas volume and flow for any type of gas production or consumption from biological respiration or fermentation processes. Fully integrated and automatic, Gas Endeavour® saves time and labour in performing analysis, leading to more efficient research and more profitable production. It is the perfect analytical instrument for research and industrial applications, including animal nutrition, wastewater, ethanol fermentation, hydrogen production, biodegradability analysis, greenhouse gas emissions, evaluating microbial communities and more 

Test equipment for biodegradability, digestibility and respirometry analysis

Gas Endeavour® offers you:

  • Modular design for easy upgrade and maintenance
  • Simultaneously measures gas volume, flow and possible main composition in real-time
  • Fully integrated and automated system for sampling, recording, and generating reports
  • Flexible system configuration with two different measuring resolutions
  • User-friendly operation with remote access


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BPC® BioReactor Simulator


fermentation test in continuous mode of operation


BPC® BioReactor Simulator (BRS) simulates anaerobic fermentation processes in a continuous mode of operation. Operated on site or remotely, the simulator produces high quality data to give deeper knowledge of how suitable a potential feedstock is for biogas production, defining the suitable organic loading rate or retention time for a given feedstock, designing suitable feeding schedules, and assessing handling or disposal conditions for digested residues.

Bioreactor Simulator for continuous fermentation tests

BRS offers you:

  • Precise, accurate data
  • Standardised measurement procedures, data interpretation and reports
  • A storage and computation solution for experiments with high data generation and prolonged timescales
  • Compatibility with bioreactors in different configurations and sizes


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 the next generation of gas volume and flow meter for laboratory applications


BPC® Go is the next-generation gas volume and flow meter containing an in-built computer to simplify and secure low gas flow measurements. It automatically measures both wet and dry gases at laboratory scale with high precision and accuracy without the need for recalibration. Built to the highest standards of Scandinavian quality, it is simple to set up and use for online, real-time monitoring from any location.


BPC® Go offers you:

    • Embedded microcontroller to secure measurements and data acquisition
    • AuroraTM  software platform included
    • Two measurement resolutions (9 ml and 2 ml)
    • Calibration free
    • Large storage capacity (up to 135 000 litres of gas)
    • Wide measurement range (0.2 ml to 6000 ml/h)
    • View standardised results from anywhere; even on your phone or tablet
    • Run both batch and continuous experiments with remote access


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